• Pricing

Enterprise Payment

Make multi-location and department management
easier with enterprise-level merchant services.

Big Businesses Have Complex Bookkeeping

If you manage multiple locations from one central office, it can be a challenge to gather
receipts, reconcile accounts and verify transactions.

  • Receipt

    Receipts require transportation to headquarters or long-term storage.

  • Daily

    Deposit reconciliation can take hours at the end of each month.

  • Receipt

    Fighting chargebacks is difficult if you have to dig for a receipt.

We Streamline It

Our location, department and terminal-specific insights eliminate common issues that arise for
enterprise-level businesses, saving time across your organization.

  • Digital Signatures

    Save money on storage and gain receipt access from anywhere.

  • Deposit Reports

    See all fees that cause discrepancies the same day the deposit hits.

  • Simple Search

    Find the receipt you need in seconds by searching like you would in Google.

Automated Insights and Customization

Reallocate your team's time with automated reports that provide real-time information.
Get insights into department, location or terminal sales and customize access.

  • Effortless Reports

    See cumulative sales and compare department or location totals.

  • Deposit Visibility

    Separate batches and track deposits to multiple bank accounts.

  • User Activity

    Track user activity and restrict or grant access by location, department and more.

  • Field Customization

    Tailor forms to meet team needs and personalize receipts to note place of purchase.

With multiple locations, having credit card information and batch reporting available online has made a huge difference. Will Diles Audiologist at Kenwood Hearing Centers

Manage Your
Business With Ease

Never outgrow your merchant provider again with streamlined, enterprise payment processing.