Be Smart,
Go Paperless

Stop printing paper receipts and accept all payment types with the fastest terminal in the market: the Smart Terminal.

Paper Receipts Are Wasteful

  • 250 Million
    Gallons of Oil

    Oil in receipt paper increases U.S. dependence by millions of gallons annually.

  • 10 Million
    Trees Cut

    Receipts deplete our forests, requiring millions of trees in the U.S. each year.

  • 1 Billion Gallons
    of Water

    One year of receipts in the U.S. diminishes this resource by billions of gallons.

Paper Receipts Are a Mess

  • Difficult
    to Store

    Filing paper receipts and paying for offsite storage takes time and money.

  • Easy
    to Lose

    Paper receipts are easy to lose for both your business and your customers.

  • Prone
    to Damage

    Thermal receipt paper is susceptible to tearing and fading due to heat.

Ditch Paper, Go Electronic

Reduce your environmental footprint, boost efficiency and save money by storing all
transaction histories and signatures digitally for future reference.

  • Store in the Cloud

    Every receipt is backed up on our state-of-the-art, PCI Level 1 servers.

  • Search With Ease

    Find receipts with a quick search of the cardholder's name, transaction date, etc.

  • Protect Long Term

    Digital receipts won't fade, rip or crumple, and are accessible for life.

Customer Receipt Options

Allow your customers to select their preferred receipt option right on the Smart Terminal screen.
Research shows 90% of consumers prefer digital receipts over printed ones.

  • Print It Out

    Old-fashioned customers can still get printed receipts for their records.

  • Send an Email

    Email makes it easy for your customers to locate receipts far in the future.

Accept Everything

Process the newest payment methods with EMV and NFC technology. The Smart Terminal is built for the future.

  • Chip Card
  • NFC Phone
  • Apple Watch
  • Swipe Card

We Process Faster

The Smart Terminal is nearly 4 times faster than competing terminals.
Businesses that take 30 EMV chip transactions per day save up to 22 hours annually with PayJunction.

  • Improve Experience

    Delight customers with a speedy checkout process.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Minimize checkout time and get more done.

  • Reduce Closeout

    Avoid the end-of-day rush and pay less overtime.

Customer Facing

Empower your customers at checkout. Stop handling customers' cards and be prepared for
the next evolution in credit card security: chip and PIN transactions.

  • Secure

    Enable safe PIN entry for debit and credit cards.

  • Digital

    Capture electronic signatures on the terminal screen.

  • Employee

    Reduce the spread of germs to keep employees healthy.

Easy Installation

Plug and play. The Smart Terminal is fast to set up, allowing you to process EMV and NFC transactions,
as well as capture digital signatures, in a matter of minutes.

  • 1Plug Into Power

    Insert power adapter into the power port and wall.

  • 2Connect to Network

    Plug the network cable into Ethernet and connect to a router or modem.

  • 3Sync With Virtual Terminal

    Couple your Smart Terminal with the Virtual Terminal.

Our old credit card machine was pretty much a nightmare for me ... I love PayJunction. The PayJunction terminal is extremely fast. Jeneva Escalera Medical Office Manager
Our old credit card machine was pretty much a nightmare for me ... I love PayJunction. The PayJunction terminal is extremely fast. Jeneva Escalera Medical Office Manager
Having the electronic signature service … eliminated an entire step, which when you monetize that over several years … we’re saving money by having PayJunction. Alana Tillim Dance Studio Director

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