• Pricing

PayJunction Pricing

Payment processing pricing can be complicated, so we aim to keep it simple and
offer pricing options that best suit your business needs.

  • Standard

    Discover the convenience of a crafted pricing structure that aligns with your preferred payment method.

    Card Rates: as low as 1.49% + $0.15

    ACH: as low as 0.75%

  • Enterprise

    Submit statements and benefit from our competitive analysis. We’ll work to match or beat your current rates.

    Custom: Submit Statements

  • Surcharge

    Offset the majority of your credit card fees by passing them on to your customers.*

    Credit Cards: as low as 0%*

    PIN Debit: Fees Apply

    ACH: as low as 0.75%


*Where eligible, nearly all of the cost of consumer-facing EMV credit card transactions will be offset by passing those costs onto
your customers. Debit cards, ACH, refunds and some sales taxes are not eligible for surcharge.

For all of the pricing described above, additional fees may apply. Please see Merchant Agreement for additional pricing details.

Award-Winning Service

Our service is rooted in valuing long-term relationships over short-term profit, earning us 8x customer service awards.
Try us alongside your current provider and see how our payment processing pricing and service stacks up.

  • Month-to-Month Service

    We earn your business back every month, no long-term contracts.

  • No Cancellation Fees

    You can simply return your terminals and cancel at any time, at no cost.

  • Volume-Based Pricing

    You save money with competitive rates and ethical pricing practices.

See How Your Provider Stacks Up

Learn how to spot bloated payment processing rates and unnecessary fees on your current provider’s statement.
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