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Automated Sales

Save time and gain greater insights with our
built-in sales tracking software.

Paper Batches Are a Headache

Accurate financial reporting is a challenge when all you have are long printed batch
receipts and deposit totals that don't match up.

  • It's Frustrating
    It's Frustrating

    Discrepancies can't be solved until you receive your merchant statement.

  • It's Subject to Error
    It's Subject to Error

    Receipts can be lost and manually building sales reports is subject to error.

  • It's Time Consuming
    It's Time Consuming

    Batches must be manually tallied to get monthly, quarterly or yearly totals.

We Expedite Reconciliation

PayJunction provides same-day deposit reports and visibility into your settled and
unsettled batches to completely eliminate deposit reconciliation guesswork.

  • Access Past

    Go digital and view historical batches for the lifetime of your account.

  • Filter Batch

    See just one department, location or terminal's batches for deeper insights.

    View individual department, location or terminal batches.

  • See Fees

    Be alerted to chargebacks and fees that impact your deposit totals.

We Track Sales Automatically

PayJunction's built-in reporting software tallies your sales data for you, providing
you with meaningful financial reports that empower your business.

  • See Processing Trends Over Time

    Look at today, this week, month, fiscal quarter, year or past time frames.

  • Get Year-Over-Year Comparisons

    See month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year performance.

  • View Reports by Time Frame

    Understand your processing this month, this quarter and this year — in real time.

  • Visualize Transactions by Card Type

    View net processing, transaction averages and distribution by card brand.

Our ability to get in and look at the reports at any point in time and to monitor them and see what kind of activity we have is really user friendly. Steven Katz Veterinary Administrator

Eliminate Manual

Save time, gain insights and easily analyze your sales data without lifting a finger.