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Securely Store
Account Info

Drive more repeat business by storing credit card and ACH info on file. Recharge and refund with ease.

Old-School Terminals Aren’t Smart

With old-school terminals, the only transaction record is a paper receipt.
Batch receipts can only be printed once and the terminal can't pull up previous transactions.

  • They Can't
    Store Card Data

    Storing credit card info isn't possible for future transactions or refunds.

  • They Can't
    Recharge Accounts

    Repeat customers must provide payment info every time they do business with you.

  • They Can't
    Streamline Checkout

    Long wait times frustrate customers and take up precious time for your staff.

Paper Authorization Forms Aren't Safe

If you run recurring payments, you might store credit card information in filing cabinets or
on your computer. This puts you and your customers in jeopardy.

  • Risk of Theft
    Risk of Theft

    You're vulnerable to internal or external fraud.

  • Data Breach Costs
    Data Breach Costs

    Fines can cost up to $90 per compromised card.

  • Violation of PCI
    Violation of PCI

    You risk merchant account loss for non-compliance.

Securely Store and Recharge

Store customer account info securely with us and remove your liability.
Your computer and network never interact with cardholder data, reducing your PCI scope.

  • Save Customer Info
    Save Customer

    Automatically store ACH, credit and debit cards.

  • Run Future Transactions
    Run Future

    Search and refund, recharge or edit with a click.

  • Obtain Authorization

    Email a receipt and receive a remote signature.

We Protect You and Your Customers

We are a PCI Level 1 provider — the highest security standard. We work tirelessly to defend
cardholder data and remove your liability. See our support article for more details.

  • Tokenized Data

    Cardholder data is replaced. Only the payment processor can decode tokens.

  • Continuously

    Independent auditors test our security systems annually to ensure compliance.

  • Data Stored
    With Us

    Your computer and network never store credit card info, reducing your PCI scope.

  • Up-to-Date Best

    We implement new best practices as they arise to maintain PCI Level 1 security.

Save[d] credit card information ... was a really big game changer for us because [customers] feel taken care of. They can just come in and relax. Saira Kyle Plastic Surgery Office Manager

Repeat Customers

Save time by securely storing credit card info. Your customers and staff will love the convenience.