Simple Search,
Easy Export

Look up your transaction history with the ease of an Internet search for easy follow-up.

Stop Digging for Receipts

You're wasting time and money managing paper receipts the old-fashioned way.
Digging for receipts is impractical no matter how organized of an office you run.

Store Receipts in the Cloud

Get with the times and access your transaction history with a simple online search.
You can look up a previous transaction in numerous ways.

Reprint, Refund, Recharge

  • Print Receipts

    Reprint a lost receipt at your customer's request.

  • Refund Transactions

    Pull up a previous transaction and refund with a click.

  • Recharge Accounts

    Run customers' cards in the future from within the system.

Filter, Sort, Export

  • Customize Results

    Make customer follow-up easy by filtering and sorting.

  • Export PDFs

    Access past batches and reports, and print a hard copy.

  • Export CSVs

    Upload CSVs to other softwares with ease.

I would recommend it. I’ve never come across such a black and white situation in terms of efficiency and convenience compared to what I had before. Dr. Duncan Turner OBGYN

What’s Not
to Love?

You'll love ditching your file cabinets for a securely stored, easy-to-search online transaction history.