Remote Signature

Implement the newest chargeback protection:
signature capture for card-not-present transactions.

Faxes Are Inconvenient

To protect your business from chargebacks, you need a signature for every order.
To obtain a signature for online and phone orders, you have to fax authorization forms.

  • They Create Busy Work
    They Create
    Busy Work

    Time is wasted printing, scanning and sending paperwork for authorization.

  • They Delay Cash Flow
    They Delay
    Cash Flow

    Payment is stalled while waiting for the signed paperwork.

Email Makes It Easy

In the case of a chargeback, the first thing you'll need to show is a signature.
However, most card-not-present orders are never signed for. We fix that.

  • Receive Order

    The order is placed by phone call or online.

  • Email Receipt

    The customer receives a 
digital receipt to sign.

  • Capture Signature

    The receipt is signed via smartphone or desktop.

Spot Fraud Before You Ship

If you ship your goods to a fraudster, you face potential chargebacks, payment and inventory losses.
Require AVS and CVV to verify card-not-present purchases before you ship.

  • Address

    Match the provided billing address to bank records and lower your fees.

  • Card

    Confirm the purchaser is in possession of the card to prevent fraud.

Ready for Safer
Remote Orders?

Defend yourself from chargebacks on card-not-present transactions. Use signature capture for every order.